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Coping with Depressive Episodes: 4 Effective Steps

Depression isn’t necessarily constant in a person’s life. In fact, depression has been known to come and go over time. Those moments when you are struggling with depression are known as depressive episodes.

Oct 2nd, 2020
When Does Stress Become a Problem? – 8 Telltale Symptoms

Everyone must cope with stress to one degree or another in their lives. Perhaps it’s when you are trying to get the kids ready for school while also prepping for your workday. Or you are facing a job loss and the stress that comes from lost income and stab

Sep 25th, 2020
Online Therapy: What You Need to Know Before Your First Session

So, you’ve just made your first online therapy appointment? This is a great step towards prioritizing your mental health, even in times when it’s difficult to see a therapist in person. While that gives you a good feeling, you may also have questions.

Aug 21st, 2020
Does Personality Type Play Into Relationship Strength?

There are so many factors that go into a successful relationship. Of course, there are important attributes such as physical attraction, having common interests, and whether or not you enjoy spending time together.

Aug 14th, 2020
Stress and Anxiety: Definition, Causes, and Management

Would it be great if you could just relax for once? But every day there seems to be a new problem or situation that comes up. Perhaps you worry all the time about these things, yet, many are not in your control at all—and that’s really stressful!

Jul 24th, 2020
How to Build the Intimate Relationship You Truly Want

It’s not hard to spot couples who are in intimate relationships. They’re holding hands, smiling towards one another, or whispering something to each other that generates a laugh. Many couples want to have that type of intimate relationship. Yet, it’s not

Jul 17th, 2020
How to Survive Being Around the Person Who Traumatized You

Oftentimes, the advice given to those who have experienced trauma due to another person is to separate themselves from that relationship. For example, if you were abused by your romantic partner, then you should leave and go somewhere safe.

Jul 3rd, 2020
How Effective Is EMDR for Depression Treatment?

One of the many problems associated with depression is the belief that there is no way out of the doom-and-gloom. In other words, hopelessness. If you have depression, then you know this feeling. You might have even tried counseling before, but it didn’t

Jun 26th, 2020
Therapy Dog vs. Service Dog: What Is the Difference?

No doubt, you have seen them while out and about in your daily life. You go to the store and see someone with a dog in a place you weren’t expecting. They probably had on a vest that identified them as a service dog or therapy dog.

Jun 22nd, 2020
How to Rediscover a Meaningful Connection with Your Partner

When you have been together for a while, it’s easy to get “comfortable.” You each have your daily routines and interests. Of course, you both love each other. Yet, that connection that you first had when you were dating has changed.

Jun 12th, 2020
Critical Incident Stress: How to Cope with It on the Job

Typically, when we talk about experiencing trauma it’s usually associated with life events. For instance, during your childhood, you grew up with parents who were both emotionally and physically abusive. However, what doesn’t always get as much

Jun 5th, 2020
5 Ways Shame Can Lead to Addictive Behavior

Shame is such a powerful emotion. But it’s not one that springs up from one moment to another—it slowly develops, over time. Certainly, there are times when everybody feels embarrassed, awkward, etc. Yet, the feelings in those instances

May 29th, 2020
Understanding the 3 Different Levels of Adult Autism

Autism spectrum disorder, or ASD, is complex and nuanced. Usually, there is not just one but several issues that affect a person with ASD. These can include symptoms related to the condition. Additionally, there also can be secondary symptoms.

May 15th, 2020
How to Make It Count When You Reconcile After a Fight

Fighting with your partner is exhausting, both physically and emotionally. A big blow-up will leave each of you feeling drained. But life doesn’t stop when you have a fight with your partner. There’s still work to do, tasks to get done, and more. That’s w

May 8th, 2020
Decreasing Your Stress with the Help of Therapy: How?

You feel stress every day of your life. It’s with you in the morning when you get out of bed. During the day it lies just underneath the surface, just waiting to rise up. Even unwinding in the evening can seem impossible.

May 1st, 2020
Reaching Out Without Going Out

Humans are social animals. We’re wired to be together. Cooperation and fellowship are hallmarks of our character at the biological level. While recent social distancing guidelines and calls for self-quarantine may keep us physically safe

Apr 24th, 2020
What Are Possible Causes of Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Understanding autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can be complicated and difficult. Many seek to find what was the exact cause of their autism. They may look for answers in places that are irrational or based on emotion.

Apr 17th, 2020
Does Your Partner Annoy You? – How to Manage Negative Emotions

You love your partner. You really do, from the bottom of your heart. However, there are times when your partner, well… annoys you. That can be very hard to admit. Nobody likes to say that there are things that their partner does that irritate them.

Mar 23rd, 2020
Deep Breathing: How Exactly Does It Help with Anxiety Symptoms?

If you’ve spent much time researching coping methods for anxiety symptoms, then you’ve probably heard of deep breathing. That shouldn’t be a surprise. Deep breathing is often mentioned in online articles as a healthy way of dealing with anxiety.

Jan 31st, 2020
6 Ways Individual Counseling Can Bring Clarity to Your Life

From time to time, many of us find ourselves adrift in life. Maybe you thought you were once on the path you intended but have lost sight of it along the way. Or you had your goal right in front of you, but now things have become hazy and out of focus.

Jan 9th, 2020
Intrusive Thoughts Do Not Need to Wreak Havoc on Your Life!

Those thoughts—they keep coming into your head, whether it’s day or night. You feel tormented as images flash through your mind or as impulses quickly appear and disappear. And no matter what you do to try to distract yourself, nothing works! Instead, you

Jan 2nd, 2020
High-Functioning Autism: Identifying the Daily Challenges

The term “high-functioning Autism” describes people who have an Autism diagnosis, but who are still able to do many of the things found in a neurotypical world. Although not a medically recognized term, it still describes the capabilities of many people

Dec 30th, 2019
How to Identify Student Stress and Addiction as Linked Issues

It’s well known that there is a relationship between chronic stress and addiction. For instance, people with high-stress jobs might turn to substances as a way to relax. They may come home after a long day of work and unwind with a few beers or some glass

Dec 23rd, 2019
What Are the Causes and Symptoms of Complex Trauma?

When searching for the causes and symptoms of complex trauma, you can’t focus on the present. Rather, the origins of complex trauma lie in the past. The experiences that form complex trauma have so many layers and come to interfere with the many aspects

Dec 19th, 2019
Self-Conscious Emotions: The Role of Shame and Guilt in Trauma

Even though the events surrounding your trauma may have happened a long time ago, the emotions are probably still very raw. You can’t help but feel self-conscious about the shame and guilt you feel. These emotions can be a real burden, especially if you

Nov 21st, 2019
5 Tips for Celebrating the Holidays Sober

It’s not easy being sober during the holidays. For many, “Holiday Cheer” means drinking. Either it’s a glass of wine at dinner, a beer while watching the big game, or champagne at New Year’s. This landscape makes it challenging if you are in recovery.

Nov 19th, 2019
Does EMDR Really Work for Trauma Symptoms? – 3 Major Benefits

It’s unfortunate that so many military personnel struggle with PTSD and trauma related to their service. At the same time, unlike in other times of our nation’s history, there is more understanding and support than ever for veterans who have experienced

Nov 11th, 2019
A Daily Struggle—Does Depression Ever Truly Go Away?

Coping with depression can be a daily struggle, even if it’s just getting out of bed in the morning. It can seem as if the symptoms will never go away and you may question whether you will ever feel like your regular self again. The answer to the questio

Mar 26th, 2018
More Than Poor Decision Making? – How Addiction Can Happen

Addiction is more than simply making a single poor decision. Nobody wakes up one day and decides that they are going to become addicted to substance abuse. Instead, this disease is often rooted in deep-seated issues that you may not even realize you are s

Mar 12th, 2018
The Science of Addiction: Is Addiction Really a Disease?

Understanding the science of addiction has expanded greatly, yet we still find ourselves struggling with questions about some of the aspects of addiction. First and foremost perhaps, is addiction really a disease? Let’s analyze the matter.

Feb 12th, 2018
Understanding PTSD, Trauma, and Depression

When dealing with PTSD, it is important to recognize that it is a combination of factors. These include trauma and depression. Combined, these conditions can have a devastating effect on people who are really hurting and need help. Consider the connecti

Feb 5th, 2018
Adult vs. Teenage Depression Facts: How Different Are the Signs?

Both adults and teenagers are susceptible to depression. Even though there are similarities between the two, there are also distinct differences. Knowing teenage depression facts can help you, as a parent, better understand how depression may affect your

Feb 3rd, 2018
5 Tips to Help Tackle New Year’s Resolutions

Some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions that people make each year include eating healthy, losing weight, quitting smoking and going to the gym. Unfortunately, the majority of people will lose interest or determination and do not meet those goals.

Dec 26th, 2017
5 Signs of Alcohol Addiction During the Holidays

Have you ever attended a holiday gathering and noticed that one friend or family member who might be enjoying the egg nog a bit more than everyone else? Perhaps, they are putting a little too much effort into the “drink” in “Eat, Drink, and Be Merry”, and

Dec 18th, 2017
Help for Addiction: What You Can and Can’t Do for Your Loved One

Addiction is a terrible disease that can tear families apart. Are you worried about your loved one and think they need help for addiction issues? Of course, you want to help, but it is important to know what you can and can’t do for your loved one when i

Nov 16th, 2017
Healthy Tips For Dealing With Addiction

Addiction is something that has been rampaging through the country lately. You or someone you love has probably been touched by addiction. With the opioid addiction reaching new heights across the country, it is important to know when to seek help.

Oct 22nd, 2017
Depression Myths Debunked

Depression has many myths centered around it. Some people think that depression is hereditary. Others think depression can be caught due to sadness. In today’s blog, we will be covering the myths of depression and how you can fight them. As a counseling ce

Oct 9th, 2017
What To Know About Depression – Part Two

In What To Know About Depression – Part One, we went over the different types of depression as well as the intricacies of what this illness is. In today’s blog, we will be expanding on some different facets about depression. We want you to understand depre

Sep 25th, 2017
What To Know About Depression – Part One

Depression can come in many forms. Instead of feeling overwhelming sorrow, you may be feeling angry and irritated all of the time for no reason. You might also be sleeping for hours on end without wanting to get out of bed. Depression can also manifest its

Aug 29th, 2017
The Difference Between Depression And Anxiety

Anxiety and depression are two mental health disorders that many people in this country suffer from. They are generally linked together, but why is that? Are they the same? Does everyone who has depression have anxiety and vice versa? The differences betwe

Jul 18th, 2017
What Are The Signs Of Addiction?

Addiction is something a majority of the country has dealt with. Whether they are suffering themselves or a loved one has fallen under the spell of a substance, it has touched many people’s lives.

Jul 18th, 2017
When It’s Time To Seek Help For Your Depression

Depression manifests itself in several different forms. Symptoms such as irritability, anger for no reason, struggling to get out of bed, loss of interest in activities, binge eating, loss of appetite and other issues. Depression is a very serious mental h

Jul 14th, 2017
How A Chemical Dependency Counselor Can Help With Your Addiction

Have you and your loved ones been suffering from the disease of alcohol or drug addiction? Have you or a loved one considered getting clean for the first time in your life? First, congratulations for even considering getting clean! Taking the first step to

Jun 14th, 2017