Psychological Testing

What is ASAM testing?

If you suspect you have an addiction to alcohol or other drugs, Joshua Howell and the staff at Luminous Counseling & Consulting administer a screening from the American Society of Addiction Medicine to determine your risk. If it turns out that you are at risk for alcohol or drug addiction, you can work with Joshua to continue onto a psychotherapy program to identify triggering events and the healthiest ways to combat your issues and lead a fuller, richer life.

What kind of court documentation can I get for psychosexual evaluations?

Psychosexual evaluations identify various risk factors for sex offender intervention, including community and family support and responsiveness to outside help. These psychosexual factors serve as evidence in courtroom proceedings. The documentation itself does not serve as a determinant of innocence or guilt, nor does it act as a sole identifier of whether someone is a sex offender.

What are IQ tests?

IQ tests, or intelligence quotient tests, measure your mental ability against a number of standardized tests. IQ scores are oftentimes used in determining military service acceptance, capital punishment, and intellectual disability for confirmation in public benefits assistance.

What other kinds of testing can you provide?

Luminous Counseling & Consulting can confirm diagnosis for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism spectrum disorder, two conditions that require a thorough and comprehensive examination to diagnose in either adults or adolescents. Under the caring yet keen eyes of Joshua and his staff, they’ll be able to identify the particular symptoms and behaviors associated with ADHD, autism, and other conditions that affect your livelihood.

psychological testing

Afterward, you can choose to continue working with the clinic in their compassionate psychotherapy programs. The team provides individualized therapy, as well as couples counseling and group therapy to integrate the healing process with the people most important to you.

If you’re interested in any of these psychological testing services, give Luminous Counseling & Consulting a call (256) 686-9195 or book an appointment online today.