Below is a list of services and fees our counseling center offers for addiction, depression, and anxiety, among other issues you may be facing. From individual sessions to drug and alcohol testing for addiction, we’ve laid out what you can expect when you come to our counseling center.

Individual Sessions / Family / Couples Sessions

Initial intake – $200*
Regular session (45-50 min) – $200
Extended session (90 min) – $250
After hours/emergency – $400 (minimum of 2 hours)**
All other fees such as travel, letters, testifying, assessments, and testing will be determined on an individual basis.

Drug testing

As a part of our Co-Occurring and Addictions work, we offer drug/alcohol testing. Our on-site drug testing tests for 12 illicit substances. We can also send drug screens off for GC/MS confirmation.

Drug screen – $60
Alcohol (DOT Approved) – $20
Combo – $75
Hair testing – $130


Psychotherapy and education group topics and prices vary. All groups are run on Saturdays and Sundays. Most groups are $20. Call our office for schedule/fees.

Late Cancellation/Missed Appointments

Luminous Counseling recognizes that with mental health issues clients often have difficulty with other areas of life including but limited to: financial, housing, time management, boundaries, and other issues. Because of this WE DO NOT CHARGE no show fees but we need you to understand that boundaries must be set.

  • Canceled: Any appointment cancelled by the client or authorized representative of the client made more than Forty-Eight 48 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment.
  • Late Cancellation: Any appointment cancelled by the client or authorized representative of the client made less than 48 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment.
  • No-Show: Any appointment with the identified client not present at the appointment.
  • Late Arrival: Any appointment with the identified client arriving later than or equal to 15 minutes past the scheduled appointment time. Clients will not be seen if they arrive late.
  • All appointments must be rescheduled or cancelled at least Forty-Eight (48) hours prior to the appointment time, otherwise they are considered a late cancellation.
  • Two (2) late cancellations, late arrivals, or no-show appointments are allowed for any reason throughout the calendar year for normal psychotherapy sessions without any charge.
  • The Second (2nd) late cancellation, late arrival, or no-show appointment will result in immediate termination of counseling / client relationship.
    • At this point the client can choose to pay (out of pocket) a $400.00 readmission fee. Insurance will not pay for this. This option is not available for all clients of some insurance carriers (Such as Alabama Medicaid, you cannot be re-admitted).
  • If a No-Show without communication from the client occurs then we may cancel all recurring or scheduled appointments, until client reschedules.
  • Late cancellation, late arrival, or no-show appointments for assessments will not be rescheduled without the client choosing to pay (out of pocket) the current fee for the assessment. Assessments are a longer, more intensive appointment so there is no “second chance”. Insurance will not pay for this.

This policy applies to all client services regardless of the nature of the treatment or issues.


We are in-network with many insurances, including but not limited to: BCBS, BCBS Federal, BCBS Blue Choice, BCBS AllKids, Cigna and TriCare insurance as a primary in-network provider. We can accept many other insurance providers as out-of-network, this means that you would be responsible for the payment and your insurance provider would reimburse you according to their policy.

Pre-Pay Cash

We offer a pre-pay cash discount. This is for cash payments ahead of scheduled appointments. This cannot be used with insurance or credit/debit card payments. The pre-pay cash discount is $150.00 per individual session. Refunds are NOT given for any reason including late/missed/canceled sessions.