What Are The Signs Of Addiction?

Addiction is something a majority of the country has dealt with. Whether they are suffering themselves or a loved one has fallen under the spell of a substance, it has touched many people’s lives. What can confuse some about addiction is the fact that it might stem from a social situation. Many times when people begin to experiment with drugs it was during a social situation. However, it does not take much for a social situation to get out of hand and that is when the path to addiction is liable to take place.

At Luminous Counseling, we specifically focus on drug, opiate, and alcohol addiction. It might be hard to determine if a loved one or yourself has a drug addiction. Denial is just as powerful as addiction. It allows you to continue on with your day-to-day activities without seeing what is right in front of you. If you have noticed some changes in your loved one that does not seem to align up with his or her personality, it might be time to talk to them to see what is going on. If you think you may be facing an addiction but you do not want to face the truth, then together we can address your dependency.

Signs To Look For With A Loved One

We want you to be able to recognize any signs of addiction in a loved one, so you can help them get the help they need. Some people may consider getting help and others may not. It is your decision on how to deal with your loved one, but sometimes helping a loved one tackle an addiction can be very painful to watch. From watching them go through withdrawal to struggling to better their lives, the situation is not one everyone can handle, which is why we can assist with ensuring your loved one has the life you have always wanted for them. These signs will allow you to identify if your loved one has an addiction and from there you can decide how to handle the situation.

Keep in mind that Luminous Counseling is here for any questions or concerns you may have.

Signs To Look For In Yourself

Looking for signs in yourself can be just as troublesome as trying to find symptoms in your loved one. Sometimes, looking in the mirror can be difficult and scary. You do not want to know that something is going wrong in your life. You do not want to look at what is right in front of you because sometimes it is harder to figure out how you can help yourself. If you are living in denial, then these signs to look for in terms of addiction will allow you to figure out the path you want to be on. Remember, as a counseling center that deals with addiction of alcohol, opiate, and drugs, you can always choose to come to see us for any assistance.

If your loved one or yourself has been suffering from a disease of alcohol or drug addiction, Luminous Counseling can help.

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