How A Chemical Dependency Counselor Can Help With Your Addiction

Have you and your loved ones been suffering from the disease of alcohol or drug addiction? Have you or a loved one considered getting clean for the first time in your life? First, congratulations for even considering getting clean! Taking the first step to get clean by recognizing you have a problem is imperative for recovery. Even though you probably know it’s not an easy journey to become sober, it’s an important decision to acknowledge that you want to move on from your current life. At Luminous Counseling, we want to commend you on recognizing you need help. Even if you are just considering getting clean, it is important that you contact a licensed professional counselor who specializes in chemical dependency and addiction. If you are wondering why you need to see a chemical dependency counselor addiction, continue reading our blog to understand how you can create a healthy environment for yourself.

Why You Should Seek Help From A Licensed Professional Counselor Who Specializes In Addiction And Recovery

At Luminous Counseling, we strive to help people overcome addictions and other issues they may be facing. We want people to understand that there can be light again at the end of the tunnel even if they don’t believe in themselves. When you come in to see us, together we will create a plan for you to strive toward your goals. It might be difficult when it comes to addiction to see a chemical dependency counselor, but with these reasons as to why you should visit one, you’ll realize that seeing a chemical dependency counselor will benefit you in more ways than one.

Dealing With Stress

Some people gain addictions because of medical interventions, some due to poor coping skills, some are trying to hide from past trauma, others are under a lot of stress. For example, when you’re stressed you may come home and have a beer. The more stressed you feel the more beer you are liable to drink and the more often you will because it “takes the edge off.” Eventually, you realize that your one beer after work has turned into a couple shots and a couple shots have turned into drinking a bottle to yourself every night. This is called a learned behavior, a coping tool that you have learned that seems to help. Drinking is a very poor coping tool, our goal is to not only help with your addiction but to heal the trauma and together help you explore and learn new healthy coping tools. When you are looking to get sober, you will realize that you have to find a different method to deal with stress. A chemical dependency counselor will help you figure out a method for you to handle stress, especially when sudden stress takes over your life such as a sick parent or a change at work. A chemical counselor will give you some suggestions for working out stress and help you to follow them.

Recognizing Triggers

Another way a chemical dependency counselor can help you is by assisting you in recognizing triggers that have helped lead you down the road you may find yourself on. Triggers are situations that happen that have pushed you further and further down the path of addiction. For example, if you have had a poor relationship with a parent you may feel more inclined toward using drugs or alcohol to not have to feel your hurt over your relationship. Drugs and alcohol are tools to numb the pain and by recognizing the triggers that make you want to hide your feelings we can help you work through them to the best of our abilities.

A Resource To Help You Get Clean

Lastly, a chemical dependency counselor will be a resource you can count on to help you work through your addiction. Even though you may have friends, family, and other people encouraging you to get clean, a Licensed Professional Counselor who specializes in Addiction and Recovery will be a resource to treat your addiction while helping you live a healthier and sober life. Contact a chemical dependency counselor today.

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