Reaching Out Without Going Out

Humans are social animals. We’re wired to be together. Cooperation and fellowship are hallmarks of our character at the biological level. While recent social distancing guidelines and calls for self-quarantine may keep us physically safe, they can take an obvious toll on our mental health.

The term “chronic loneliness” has often been used when discussing the mental state of our nation’s elderly. Feelings of isolation have long been documented when health or age prevent us from traveling freely.

The world may better understand the plight of its elderly as COVID-19 keeps us similarly barred from leaving home. But that doesn’t mean that “help” or a feeling of “togetherness” can’t be found.

Luminous Counseling knows the difficulties of the moment. Through scheduled teletherapy sessions, Luminous Counseling invites you to rise to the occasion and get the help you need and deserve.

Isolation can feel like an illness all its own, but for those struggling with depression, trauma, or addiction, it can feed the same cycles of behavior and neglect. Understanding isolation begins with knowing the symptoms.

Unwanted Feelings of Self-Doubt

Being together in group isn’t just about having fun. Gatherings also help to reassure us of our value to those who we cherish in life.

It’s only natural, then, that we would struggle to properly value ourselves when removed from those who give us comfort. Worse still, feelings of self-doubt or of diminished self-worth can feed existing tendencies. Those suffering from depression may feel more alone and less valuable. Addictions may intensify or return. Patterns of behavior may seem too daunting to combat.

Luminous Counseling specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) which empowers patients to take active control over their feelings and assert more positive behavioral responses. Through teletherapy, patients can learn how to change negative responses to unwanted feelings into positive action.


Reaching out has never been more important than at the present moment. Even so, if you find the prospect of a phone call or video chat too daunting to consider, you may be suffering from social exhaustion at a time when you need connection most.

Not everyone is comfortable with digital communication, but if you find yourself with an even stronger aversion than usual to the idea of reaching out, you may be caught in an isolation loop.

Feelings of isolation can discourage us from seeking the very cure we require. Starting with a teletherapy session can open the door to asking for help or even just calling an acquaintance or family member.

If left unrecognized, isolation can snowball into something more major.

An Unshakable Feeling of Loneliness

Perhaps the most insidious symptom of isolation is its refusal to be dispelled. Isolation only strengthens with inactivity. If you’re feeling isolated no matter who you’re with, who you’re talking to, or what you’re doing, you may need to reach out most of all.

Just a Call Away

Luminous Counseling offers flexible scheduling and expert assistance in these times of dire need. By making our services available through teletherapy sessions, help is only a phone call away.

No one knows how long these times will last and putting off the help you need may only worsen your symptoms. Be safe. Wash your hands. Reach out to those who can help you feel human. Call 256-686-9195 today.

AuthorJoshua Howell, MS, LPC, NCC, AADC, ICAADC, SAP, SAE

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