Depression Myths Debunked

Depression has many myths centered around it. Some people think that depression is hereditary. Others think depression can be caught due to sadness. In today’s blog, we will be covering the myths of depression and how you can fight them. As a counseling center, we have heard every myth out there about depression and addiction. It is time to debunk those myths and teach others about depression. At Luminous Counseling, we can help treat those who are suffering from depression. It is best if you take the time to talk to someone when you are facing depression or other situations that are causing issues in your everyday life. For more information about our treatments and servicescontact us today.

Four Depression Myths Debunked

These are some of the most common myths about depression. You have probably heard about some of them or you have even believed some of them. We’re hoping that your idea of depression can be changed once you have more information on the subject. Make sure you educate yourself and others about depression, so these myths can be eliminated.

Depression Is Not Real

This one is a very popular myth about depression. Many people think that depression is about sadness and the person is weak. In fact, depression is a mental health disorder that is very complex. Depression has origins in social, biological, and psychological. It can also be treated in many different ways.

You will Be Cured With Antidepressants

To many, antidepressants are the end all or be all of treating depression. Antidepressants alter the state of the chemistry in your brain and address deep-rooted biological problems that are contributing to your depression. Antidepressants will help you feel better but do not treat the issues.  While antidepressants are very helpful they do not treat the root issues within depression. . Many people need a combination of psychotherapy or therapy, as well as the medications, the medication to help with the daily symptoms and psychotherapy to treat the issue.

You Will Snap Out Of It

Another myth that you may have heard is that you will snap out of depression. This is not true. You can not simply snap out of depression. No one decides to wake up and be depressed one day. Many people think that when you are depressed it is because you are allowing yourself to be stuck in wallowing and sadness. It is a common thought that if you can just change your attitude and be positive, then you will be cured. As we covered above, depression is a medical condition that alters the state of your brain chemistry, structure, and the functions. Additionally, depression is negatively affected due to biological and environmental factors.

Depression Is Hereditary

Depression is thought to be a hereditary disease. If your parents have depression, then it is assumed that you may have depression as well. There is no scientific evidence that says genetics play a significant part in making you a risk for depression. Even if your parent has depression, it does not mean you are at risk for getting it as well. However, you should be aware of the history of your family, it is best to concentrate on factors you can control and lower any chance you may think of getting depression such as drug use or alcoholism.

Continue to read our blog for further information on depression and addiction. If you feel like you have depression, then call today to schedule an appointment.

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