Tackling the Turkey Day Troubles – Thanksgiving Mental Health Counseling

The silver platters, the wicker cornucopia, and of course, the turkey itself—plenty of images spring to mind when thinking about the Thanksgiving holiday. But beneath the trappings and trimmings lies a not-so-pretty picture—intense feelings of anxiety, depression, stress.


Putting on a brave face for the family may seem like the natural solution. It’s worked for seasons past, so why change it this year? Why mess with what passes for success? 


Preserving the status quo of stoic silence may feel like the easiest option in the short term, but when you add up all the holidays and multiply by years, you realize it’s less of a sprint and more of a mental health marathon. 


Luminous Counseling offers sensible, effective mental health solutions that put you in charge of unwelcome thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. By using a mixture of traditional talk and cutting-edge psychotherapy treatments, Luminous Counseling seats you at the head of your mental health table.


Stress Specialists

To some, the thought of a holiday season without stress seems downright laughable—doubly so if you plan on hosting the big meal. 


While stress is a natural reaction, and can be even be helpful at times, an abundance of uncontrollable stress can cause serious health issues. Fatigue, irritability, headaches, and the inability to focus are just a few symptoms of chronic stress. If left untreated, these symptoms could contribute to heart trouble and even lead to sudden death.


Luminous Counseling prides itself on a holistic and compassionate approach when treating chronic stress. By focusing on healthy and achievable coping mechanisms, professional counselors can help you devise a plan of empowerment. 


Crafting your personalized steam valve with Luminous Counseling puts healing in your hands and provides customized solutions for one-of-a-kind patients.


Defeating Depression

At Thanksgiving, the question sometimes goes around the table, “What are you thankful for?”  But if you suffer from depression, it can be hard to come up with a convincing answer. 


The pace and near-constant socializing of the holiday season can make us feel like we have something to hide. If you’re hiding symptoms of depression, staying with family can quickly turn into a performance without an intermission. 


Feelings of hopelessness, loss of interest, and persistent suicidal thoughts can all be indicators of a severe or worsening depression. While medication is the customary treatment, Luminous Counseling has another tool up its sleeve.


Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) retrains patterns of thought and action to produce healthier results. By working with a psychotherapist, patients are guided to identify and then modify any unhealthy coping mechanisms that result from unwanted thoughts or feelings. 


CBT sets definitive goals and assigns hands-on homework meant to get you thinking about how you think. Understanding the link between thought and action empowers you to make new decisions for yourself and gives you greater control over what once seemed uncontrollable.


CBT sessions are tailored for each patient—no two the same. So, if you’ve tried (and been let down by) other therapies before, CBT may be what you’re looking for. 


Turn Turkey Day Troubles into Triumph

The holidays don’t have to be a time of dread, secrecy, and unhealthy coping strategies. This season, be thankful for yourself and for the steps you took toward healing.


Luminous Counseling offers individual, couples, adult autism, and addiction therapies all specific to their patients’ needs. No cookie-cutter problems. No cookie-cutter solutions.


If you, or someone you know, struggles during the holiday season, visit Luminous Counseling’s website for more information or call 256-686-9195 today.



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