Addiction Questions: What Are the Most Dangerous Addictions?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of the common addiction questions is, “What are the most dangerous addictions?”

Although it sounds like a straightforward question, the answer is more complicated than you may realize.

What is Considered an Addiction?

When you think of the word “addiction” either drugs or alcohol most likely comes to mind. Yet, it is possible to have an addiction to a broad range of things.

For example:

All of the above could be considered addictions that are dangerous, in one way or another, to the user.

Societal Impact of Addiction

If you consider the most dangerous addictions are the ones that have the greatest impact on society, consider these thoughts.

In 2013:


These numbers reflect not just how widespread the use of substances has become but also the significant financial cost it causes. Individuals, taxpayers, society, and the economy as a whole struggle with both the financial personal toll of addiction.

Multiple Addictions

Perhaps the most dangerous addictions out there are those that combine more than one addiction.

For example:

If you noticed, there is also another danger from addiction. That is, an addiction can develop as a means to cope with much deeper emotional and psychological problems.

However, even though it is easier in the moment to “numb” to those feelings, in the long term, they always come back. This usually leads to a long, painful journey that causes a lot of damage.

Addictions Dangerous to Relationships

You could also look at how dangerous an addiction is in context to the pain and hurt it causes to relationships.

Addiction can drive away people who care about you and want to help. That’s because the choices you make to satisfy that addiction, make it hard for people to stay. The result is that you become more isolated, alone, and disconnected from other people.

In turn, this makes it more difficult for you to form a support network to help you. It also means that you become more susceptible to mental health issues such as depression.

Qualities of the Most Dangerous Addictions

If you had to break down the qualities of the most dangerous addictions, they would include:

Obviously, there are many dangerous addictions—all in their own way. So, when you ask such addiction questions as, “What are the most dangerous addictions?”, you must consider the broader picture.

Don’t just be content with “substance abuse” as the answer. Rather, consider what you prioritize to be important and ask yourself, “Do the things add quality and meaning to my life? Or do they cause damage, especially to my relationships?”

If you have more addiction questions you would like to have answered, please contact me. I’d be happy to help you.

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