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The initial session is not counseling/therapy. The first meeting is designed to let us to get to know each other and see if we think we would work well together. If not, then I have colleagues in the area I can refer you to. If we feel you would benefit from our session then the next step is the paperwork. After that we will go over office policies, fees, and general information.

Blah we all hate paperwork but it is an unfortunate necessary evil.

This is the initial paperwork.  If you can complete these forms before our first session then we can spend more time reviewing the information and seeing how we can best help in your unique situation.

If you have chosen to fill out the new client intake pack before our meeting you must have Adobe reader. If you do not have Adobe reader, you can download it here.

ALL forms must must be completed. You can fill them out through Adobe reader or print the forms and fill them out by hand.  Once completed you can print the forms or email them to me EMAIL. Either way please refrain from signing the forms until our session.

You can find the intake form for new clients here.

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