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From addiction and alcohol treatment to emotional breakdowns due to stress, Luminous Counseling & Consulting LLC deals with an array of problems you may be facing. To find out if we’re the right fit for you, read the answers to frequently asked questions below.

How do I know if Luminous Counseling is right for me?

Luminous Counseling & Consulting uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) as its main theory. Using and building on CBT as a therapy technique can be useful in exploring many different issues. The basic premise of CBT is that while working with a therapist, issues can be tracked to learned behaviors and by identifying those behaviors they can then be changed. While using poor behaviors might result in the goal, those behaviors may not be the best choice. For example, a teen who has experienced a sad and traumatic event may turn to illicit drug use to cope. While the drug use does kill the emotions and as a result allows the teen to postpone feeling and dealing with the event, it is certainly not the best choice. The goal of CBT is to allow, in this case, the teen and the therapist to work through the faulty thinking (I do not have to deal with issues if I cannot remember them) and then to explore more appropriate and helpful solutions (grief counseling, trauma counseling). Once the client can see and understand better choices the next step is action, and application of self-awareness to provide better coping skills in future events.

CBT is used in many issues, not just addictions as used above. While CBT cannot help everyone in every situation, it is applicable in most issues with most clients. If we feel CBT or Luminous cannot help, we will immediately provide referrals to other professionals in the community that we feel would be more helpful to your unique situation.

What is included in therapy with Luminous Counseling?

In general, what is included is a licensed, professional, caring, and compassionate counselor who strives to help you be better. After that, each client is an individual and emphasis is placed on helping each unique client best resolve his or her issue.

What is the process for starting therapy?

The first step is intake. It is the first meeting. During intake, we will explore what you feel is the biggest issue you currently face, the counselor explains very briefly how he or she feels they can help you. Next, is the dreaded paperwork. You will give us some basic information and learn in detail how we respect and protect your privacy, office policies, and general information.

After the initial intake session, we will begin to help with exploring your issue, developing a plan, and provide you the opportunity to work through your issue through counseling.

How is therapy individualized to me?

Every client and issue is different and may require different times, intensity, psychometric tools and possibly settings. For example, if we feel a certain test could greatly benefit you, we might recommend that test and it might incur an extra fee. We will only use tests that charge if we truly feel it is in your best interest, you will know if the test has a fee, and it is always up to you if you decide to pay and take it.

An instance of intensity is that we may feel due to the nature of your issue meeting more often would greatly benefit you. A staple of CBT is the use of “homework” this allows the client to remain focused on goals and treatment in-between sessions. If the counselor feels that homework is not sufficient and that you would benefit from meeting twice a week, this might be suggested.

An example of the setting is changing the session location. Case in point, if the client is facing social anxiety after several sessions and work, it might be time for slow and controlled implementation. Meeting the counselor at a local coffee shop or mall would allow the client to use learned skills to immerse him or herself in a real life setting.

When facing addiction recovery or wanting to overcome other issues, it can be a long journey, but at Luminous Counseling and Consulting LLC, we’ll help you get to where you want to be emotionally and mentally. If you’re searching for addiction treatment or addressing other issues you may be dealing with, contact Luminous Counseling & Consulting LLC.

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